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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Quiz from my Beloved Derek for all who have traveled the "Via Media"

Some of us who were blessed to enter what Newman called "the one true Fold of the Redeemer" began our Christian journey in God's own "Drones Club", the Anglican Church.  Born in blood and heresy, now reduced to ridicule and irrelevancy, Anglicanism has, in its 400-year history, nonetheless produced its share of sublime ritual, unequalled prose, mad eccentricity, and, I dare say, Great Saints!

For those of us who swam the Tiber by way of the Thames,  I offer this little quiz.  Forgive my focus on the Tractarians.  Try to avoid your search engines.

1)  What is H., A. and M.?
2) Who wrote "The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity"?
3) What color was Mr. Slope's hair, and what was that noble prelate's "real" name?
4) Newman wrote:  "I have ever considered and kept the day, as the start of the religious movement of 1833."  Who did what on that day?
5) What animal was killed by choking to death on a copy of the Book of Common Prayer?
6) Archbishop Laud was fond of cutting the ears off of these chaps.
7) In what short story did the Reverend Cuthbert Dibble appear, and who wrote it?
8) Where is The Martyr's Memorial, and whom does it commemorate?
9) Who was the first bishop (so-called) in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America?
10) Who was the High Church politician who almost destroyed his career by visiting prostitutes in order to convert them?  (I leave it to your imagination as to what would be said if a politician today gave that as his reason for visiting prostitutes!)
11) What is Little Gidding, and why is it important to whom?
12) What is a "North Ender"?
13) Which Anglican minister supposedly said, "The only good thing I know of Cranmer is that he burned well."
14) What were "The Conversations @ Malines"?
15) In a nutshell, what was Tract 90?
16) And who was "Soapy Sam"?
17) What is "Stir Up Sunday"?
18) Although there were many reasons, what was the main objection of Rome to the validity of Anglican Orders?
19)  Who was "The Gloomy Dean"?
20) What was the title of the last public sermon Newman preached as an Anglican, and where did he preach it?

*Bonus Question:  At what time does the Church Clock stand in Grantchester?

90-100:  Congratulations!  You win a scholarship to Keble College and may take tea with the Queen!
80-89:  OK.  After 20 years of slaving as one of Archdeacon Grantley's curates, you may be appointed warden of Hiram's Hospital.
79 and Below:  You are obviously a Dissenter.  To the chapel, go.